Our Services

Our Services as Corporate Advisor in preparing Companies for a Public Listing
(IPO / RTO) include:

Project Manager

  • Drive public listing process while Directors focus on managing the business at this critical time
  • Prepare initial draft of Offer Document relating to business
  • Ensure listing completes on schedule

Advisor to Business Owner

  • Advise on listing requirements via IPO or RTO
  • Optimise public listing benefits to business owners / major shareholders
  • Ensure Compliance (without tears)


Collate required information for incorporation into Offer Document (Prospectus / Circular to Shareholders)

    • company background, business and growth strategies
    • directors’ profile
    • financial information (historical and forecast)

Our Consultancy Services when applying our Expertise in growing businessess include:


Strategic Planning

  • Lead formal process to define growth objectives and strategies to achieve them
  • Prepare official business growth blueprint incorporating agreed strategies and implementation time schedule.

Execution of Growth Strategies

  • Assuming a formal role in the business to lead the effective implementation of approved growth strategies OR
  • As consultant for a specific project on retainer or success basis.