Our Expertise

Operational Management

We manage

  • Strategic planning and business development
  • Marketing and production of goods and services
  • Financial planning and administration
  • Start up of local and overseas manufacturing/operational facilities
  • Recruitment of professional middle and senior management
  • Employee relations and compensation
  • Human capital strategy, management and development

Financial Consultancy

Our expertise covers:

  • Developing financial reporting system and control manuals
  • Evaluating needs, eligibility and applying for government assistance schemes
  • Reviewing financial resource productivity, restructuring debt financing or negotiating increased borrowings
  • Introducing automated operational and financial control system and tools

Business Consultancy

We consult with clients on overall aspects of their business or provide services in specific areas such as:

  • Business planning and development
  • Strategy formulation and implementation
  • Human resource management and development
  • Risk management
  • Capital Market activities including management buyout
  • Export marketing
  • Management control systems

Our services also cover

  • Preparation and Implementation of strategic business plans
  • Evaluating needs, eligibility and applying for government assistance schemes
  • Investment proposals, feasibility studies and business valuation
  • Development of management control manuals and automated control tools
  • Management/ Operational audit
  • Seminars and publications

Project Management

Service to complement in-house capability in:

  • Operational productivity improvement through automation of overall/specific business function
  • Plant/building construction
  • Establishing new businesses locally or overseas
  • Security installation
  • Public Listing on a regional stock exchange
  • Employee relations and compensation
  • Human capital strategy, management and development

Projects completed include:

  • Automated enterprise management system for PC component manufacturing and Leisure businesses
  • Building projects managed include construction of factories and a high rise third party warehouse complex
  • Setting up new manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and Thailand for foreign MNCs expanding / relocating their Singapore operations
  • Listing of several companies on KLSE (now Bursa Malaysia); SGX and ASX through IPO or RTO 

Preparing for a Public Listing

Initial Public Offering (IPO) / Reverse Takeover (RTO)

  • Recommend Capital Market Professional service teams for the public listing
  • Advise on capital market entry strategy and valuation
  • Manage listing process (IPO/RTO)
  • Assist preparation of financial data for Prospectus and other Compliance documents eg Board Memorandum
  • Prepare company information for drafting of prospectus
  • Prepare employment contract for executive directors
  • Design profit sharing and equity based compensation schemes (stock options/performance shares)

Other optional services include:

  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Bridging finance or pre lPO investment
  • ESR policy & implementation
  • Recruit key personnel for listed entity eg
      • qualified person to head finance function
  • Meet compliance reporting needs
      • Automated operational/financial reporting system to meet compliance deadlines
  • Design performance-based compensation system
      • Align employee wages to fortune of enterprise
      • Streamline wage structure for group synergy

Human Resource Management

We cover:

  • Development of Corporate Human Resource policy 
  • Human Capital strategy, training and development
  • Technology enabled learning platforms & tools
  • Skills Future & Workplace Learning
  • Talent acquisition, retention, separation
  • Performance based compensation, including equity based system for all levels of employment
  • Directors’ Remuneration Policies, Structure and Contracts
  • Industrial / Employee relations and communication – policy & implementation
  • Human Resource Administration Manual / Employee handbook
  • Job Descriptions and Specification
  • Performance appraisal system
  • Outsourcing/Automating HR administration

Learning Solutions – content & delivery expertise:

  • Principles of Management (commercial & non profits)
  • Generic Core Managemen skills
  • Business Management skills
  • Human Capital Strategy & Management
  • Human Resource training & development
  • Workplace Learning & Assessment
  • Training Center Management
  • Managing a Business – managing the functions of marketing, operations (procurement & delivery) finance & human capital